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Your young adult is considering Columbia.

"I have felt so encouraged and uplifted by the staff, faculty, and student community at CBC."


Welcome. We are excited that your student has expressed interest in Columbia Bible College!

Determining next steps after high school is often an exciting but overwhelming task for students and parents. All of the years of formal education combined with individual passions and talents come to a head as students decide how to navigate their future. We know that parents and students want an education that prepares students for life and their chosen vocation.

Columbia Bible College is one of the premier Bible Colleges in Canada and has existed in Abbotsford since 1936. Our mission is to equip students for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community. We do this by offering a holistic education that is rooted in Scripture, augmented by a socially-relevant curriculum, enriching practical applications, and high-quality academics.

Whether students choose to enroll in our 1-year discipleship Certificates, or our vocationally-driven 2-year Diploma or 4-year Bachelor of Arts Degree programs, their time spent at Columbia is a valuable investment into their future.



Encouraging. Mentoring. Shaping Character.
Meet Shiana

Meet Shiana

BA in Biblical Studies, Class of 2019
Stuco President for 2018-19

"I have felt so encouraged and uplifted by the staff, faculty, and student community. God’s presence is so evident, and I can see that he is at work through the way he is transforming the lives of students here. If I had attended a public university, I would not have learned what I have about myself and about who God has created me to be. Amidst my struggles and mistakes, I am reminded of God’s love and enduring provision and grace for me."


Meet Allen

Meet Allen

BA in Biblical Studies, Class of 2017
CEO of MEDA-Paraguay

"The profs at Columbia were one of my biggest highlights. They weren’t just professors. They shaped my personal life. I was a teaching assistant for Jerry Pauls, and he was more than a teacher. He was there if I needed something in a personal sense. He helped me walk through things. It’s not just about going to class and getting things done – it’s about being shaped and being changed."

Meet the Friesens

Meet Johan

Biblical Studies, 1981-1983

"I simply cannot envision a life without Columbia. I made friends that still enrich my life to this day. I was given many tools to face a world very antithetical to Christianity. The experience was so vivid that one of my daughters wanted to go to Columbia! In the face of so much erosion of Christian education, I am so happy to be able to point to Columbia’s continuing commitment to and successes at education Christian young people."



Why choose a Columbia Bible College Education?



BALANCED APPROACH TO EDUCATION. At Columbia, we offer students the opportunity to look at their life holistically. Who you are going to be is just as important a question as what are you going to do. Bible College allows students to not only explore their abilities, gifts, and passions, but also allows them space to grow in their character and identity as they transition to adulthood.



POSITIVE, CHRIST-CENTERED COMMUNITY. The community at Columbia is authentic and intentional, which gives students the security to explore and grow as an individual while understanding their role in the larger Christian community. Our faculty and staff take discipleship seriously, and develop mentoring relationships with our students.



MAKING AN IMPACT. Columbia graduates are often hired soon after graduation in an area of their expertise and passions. Alumni are doing incredible things all around the world – from counsellor, to business owner, to pastor, to ocean kayaking guide - the opportunities for gainful employment abound.



A SOLID FOUNDATION. Faith development is a big part of life at Columbia. We challenge students to take their faith seriously and make it their own. Columbia Bible College students leave as positive, critical thinkers - able to not only engage mainstream culture effectively, but also to interpret their world through a relevant Christian worldview. Whether a student is called into professional ministry or other fields, they will be well-equipped to make a difference in the world around them.



Columbia Graduate Attributes



Integrated, Maturing Disciples


Christ-centered & Critical Thinkers


Clear & Agile Communicators


Ethical & Engaged Neighbours



Authentic & Transformational Leaders

What are we aiming for?


Columbia's 'Graduate Attributes' document is a picture of the common vision we are aiming for as a college community. Our hope is that every student - whether they choose to stay at Columbia for one, two, or four years - will grow significantly in each of these five areas.


Grad Attributes document



Graduate of CBC

What do Columbia graduates pursue?

Each year, we celebrate as over 120 students graduate from Columbia's programs. What are their next steps?

Certificate Graduates. It's typical for graduates from our foundational certificate programs (Columbia One and Quest) to pursue further education, either at the university level or in a trades-focused program. Depending on their college/university of choice, a student's Columbia credits may be transferable.

Diploma Graduates With two years of post-secondary education, some of our diploma graduates choose to pursue entry-level employment positions while others further their education or training. Depending on their college/university of choice, a student's Columbia credits may be transferable.

Degree students graduate with four years of balanced education that includes a biblical and theological foundation, studies focused in a major of choice, a significant internship experience, and training in practical and leadership skills. Many of our BA grads are hired by churches, non-profit organizations, or local businesses. Others go on to study a trade, launch their own business, or pursue graduate/professional studies.

Specific examples are always helpful, so here is a list of vocational roles held by Columbia grads. (Note that some of these roles equire further education/training. Please consult with an Admissions Advisor if you'd like any clarification.)


Columbia grads are now:

  • Pastors (lead/senior, associate, worship, youth, family)
  • Camp directors
  • Counsellors & therapists
  • Non-profit leaders or CEOs
  • Business owners
  • Social workers
  • Tradespeople & technicians
  • Retail managers
  • Outdoor guides & ski patrollers
  • Educators (teachers, educational assistant, early childhood educators)
  • Administrators, administrative assistants, program coordinators
  • Support workers (residential, youth, community, rehabilitation)
  • Nurses, physicians, paramedics
  • Attorneys
  • Marketing coordinators & managers



Columbia Grad Vocations



Visit Campus

Visit Columbia's Campus


Deciding whether or not our college is the right fit for your student is a big decision.

We organize on-campus View Events so prospective students and their parents can visit our campus and make an informed decision.

At a View Event,

you and your student will:

  • Learn about Columbia Bible College’s Academic Programming
  • Have your questions answered about our Admissions Process, Costs, and Financial Aid Opportunities
  • Meet our Faculty, Staff, and Current Students
  • Participate in Student Life Events
  • Discover why students from across the world have been attending Columbia Bible College for almost 80 years!


Upcoming View Events

Currently, we are currently offering virtual view events.

Please click the link below for more information.



Learn More about View Events







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Parent FAQs & Resources


Academics & Finances

What can I do to help a student who is ‘still deciding’ on a major?

Having trouble deciding on a major? Sign up for one of our view days! These days enable students to tour the campus, meet the faculty and talk with students currently enrolled in the programs.

Also, majors are not set in stone. Many students transfer between programs with ease throughout their studies at Columbia. Course changes and program adjustments are common for all college and university students.

Where can I find information about payment dates, end of semester, when the new term begins, etc?

The academic calendar, which includes the payment dates and term dates can be accessed here.

Where do students go for assistance with student loans and Financial Aid?

The Financial Aid office is in the Resource Centre Building, or contact

Where can I find out about online and spring courses?

Columbia Bible College offers a selection of online courses so you can keep learning even when you’re juggling other life commitments. You might be a busy parent, a full-time employee, or living on the other side of the country. No matter what time zone or life stage you’re in, online courses fit into your schedule.

Click here to see what online courses Columbia offers. The online course policy can be located in the Academic Manual.

Is graduation information available on the website?

All graduates are invited to take place in the commencement ceremony that takes place in April. Information surrounding graduation requirements and awards can be found in Columbia’s Academic Manual


Starting Out as a Student

Where can I find orientation schedules?

The most recent orientation schedule for new students is here. Resident students are welcome to move into their dorm rooms starting early in the afternoon on Orientation Sunday (Labour Day Weekend).

What about transportation from/to airports, ferries and bus depots?

Students are responsible to arrange their own transportation to and from the College. Students going to the airport will sometimes arrange to travel with other students heading home during holidays and share the cost of a cab. As resident students make friends with local commuter students, sometimes these families will offer transportation, as well as staff members who are able. Ultimately, students are responsible to find their own transportation. There is an airport shuttle from both Vancouver airport and the Abbotsford airport that will pick up right on campus. These shuttles must be booked ahead of time and cash is the only payment. (Please check rates and booking times.

What does my resident student need to bring?

For many students, this is the first time living away from home. To help with the move, here is a list of items resident students should consider bringing along with them.

Does my student need to have a car?

No, although they are welcome to bring one. Parking (for a small fee) is available on campus. Abbotsford public transit stop is right in front of campus. The campus is also walking distance to all major amenities.

How can I add money to my student’s meal plan?

Money may be added to a student’s 1-Card at any point in the year. Cash, debit, and credit are accepted at the office or follow the link to add money online.

Can commuter students have a meal card?

Yes, meal plans are also available for commuter students.

Do local hotels offer special rates for parents?

We have a partnership with Best Western Regency in Abbotsford for a special rate of $109/night (blackout dates apply) for parents and family of Columbia students. Our students also qualify for many discounts at local business. To see a list of these businesses visit the Student Discounts section of our website.

Is on campus student employment available? How do I find student employment?

Yes, students looking to work while studying at Columbia have access to various employment opportunities. On campus employment opportunities are available in the dining services, athletic facility, reception, custodial department or library. For further information visit the Student Job Board on CBC’s website.

What kind of student leadership opportunities are available at Columbia?

Leadership is part of our mission statement at Columbia. We believe in the leadership potential of our students, which is why we have several positions available for students. Columbia’s student council is made up of current students who are elected at the end of the previous academic year. Student council has four committees that are filled with current students: Arts and Communications, Missional Living, Social Life, and Spiritual Life. These committees are always welcoming and inviting students to join. As a student, your child can become a member in one or all of the councils committees. For more information on student leadership opportunities and our student council, visit the 'Get Involved' and 'Student Leadership' sections of our website.


Campus Services & Support

What kind of medical services are available on campus?

Columbia has many certified first aid personnel for students on campus as well as a clear emergency response guide. The Abbotsford Hospital is a short drive from campus.

Where can my student find a help with academics?

Columbia Bible College has a skilled Academic Support team ready to assist students through the challenge of college-level academic work. The Academic Support team runs tutorials for major papers, offers proof reading, and is available for drop in questions. All of the services that Academic Support offers are free, including one-on-one academic coaching.

Columbia also offers IDIS 099 which is a free workshop by our Academic Success team that is required for all students entering Columbia with a GPA under B-. All students are welcome to register. It will prepare students for all areas of college life including time blocking, research methods, study skills and more. It will not include an additional workload but rather time will be spent working on helping students successfully complete other course work.

What about counselling services?

Counselling Services are available to all full- and part-time students who are currently registered at Columbia. Columbia’s counselling services are dedicated to providing a safe spot to talk through life with the student is a place where issues can be safely examined. With the initial session being free and every session after that being $15, Columbia offers its student the opportunity to meet with skilled counsellors at a low cost.

Where can my student go for help with IT or Maintenance help?

The IT department is located on the second floor and maintenance on the first floor of the student centre. Students may also log onto their myCBC account for links and to email them.

Can my student’s special dietary needs be accommodated?

Absolutely. We understands that needs vary and we welcome you to contact your student’s Admissions Advisor to get connected with Chef Jordan to discuss a plan.

Is there transportation to local churches?

Columbia Bible College is located in a neighborhood filled with churches of every size. Many churches are within walking distance from the school or many current students attend churches located farther away and often provide rides to those without vehicles. Columbia does not provide transportation, but there are churches close enough to attend without owning a vehicle.


Staying in Touch

What is the law in Canada regarding student privacy?

Columbia falls under the British Columbia Privacy Act to protect students’ privacy while attending university. This means that we are not able to share student information with you unless we have permission from your student. This is indicated in the student enrollment contract that they sign upon pre-registration.

What’s the best way to send letters & packages to my student?

Each student is issued a mailbox and key. Simply write your student's name on the letter and send it to our address and we will make sure it is put in their mailbox. Mailing address: 2940 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2Z8

How can my student find out if the campus is closed due to weather or other emergencies?

The college will remain open regardless of extreme weather or emergency conditions because there is a continuing need for service in several areas, defined as essential services, such as Food Service, Facilities and Grounds, and maintenance of certain Student services. Class cancellations and building closures will be posted on the CBC website home page as follows:

  • by 6:30 am for classes that begin before 1:00 pm;
  • by 11:00 am for class that begin between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm;
  • by 3:00 pm for classes which begin after 5:00 pm.

Is there a mailing list I can get on for updates about what’s happening at Columbia?

There are several ways to stay connected with Columbia Bible College. The Columbia Connect is a monthly newsletter emailed to alumni, donors, and friends of the college who wish to stay informed about events, news updates, and potential ways to get involved on campus. The Columbia Contact is biannual print publication that seeks to encourage and provide updates about news, events and related college business to student, alumni and friends of the college. Read the Columbia Contact online or subscribe to the Connect newsletter at Also join our mailing list by sending your name, mailing address and connection (student, parent, alumni, donor, other) to

Helpful Resources

Student Handbook


Academic Manual